Cost To Paint A House

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

Tasks and Costs Associated with House Painting

When it comes to home improvement, painting is like the gift wrap. Painting your house both outside and inside will improve its character, curb appeal and resale value. However, when determining how much it will cost to paint a house, you need to consider several factors that influence the cost of house painting.


Labour cost

Most house painting estimates consider the cost of painting labour. Labour cost is determined by the tasks that are involved in the painting process such as cleanup, scraping, sanding and patching defects. It also involves the cost of removing debris from the house once the printing job is completed. The painting method that will be used and colour combinations also influence painting labour cost. For instance, a house that is painted using 4 to 6 colours can take up to 4 times the amount of time that is required to paint the same house with 2 colours only.


Similarly, different painting methods require varying amounts of time. For instance, brushing takes more time than spraying. Also the number of coats and area to be painted influences the cost of painting a house. For instance, the cost of painting the walls and doors will be lower than the cost of painting walls, doors and ceiling. In most cases, house painting labour costs between $215 and $597.25 per 7 hours.


Cost of acquiring supplies and materials

Every house is unique and in a different condition. This means that each house requires different supplies and materials to paint. In most cases, the cost of painting a house will vary depending on the cost of acquiring the supplies and materials required to paint it. This includes masking paper and tape, surface preparation and repair materials, cleanup supplies and primers among others.

The location of the house to be painted and market price of the materials influences supplies and materials acquisition cost. Basically, most house painting estimates consider the cost of buying and delivering painting supplies and materials to the house. In most cases, acquiring supplies and materials cost between $25.00 and $40.00 per 120 square feet. However, this varies from one location to another and from one house to another.



Construction material

Most painting professionals charge for house painting projects depending on the construction material of a house. This is because painting some construction materials costs more due to their texture which requires more paint to achieve the desired look. Preparation of some construction materials for painting also requires specialized materials. Therefore, the used construction material tends to influence how much it cost to paint a house.

For instance, the cost of painting concrete siding differs from the cost of painting a stucco siding. Stucco siding is made of a specialized material. This requires more preparation work that includes caulking, cleaning and filling cracks. In addition, the most ideal paint for brushing or rolling stucco varies depending on climatic conditions and location. There are stucco paint types that peel or chip away in some climatic conditions. Therefore, they are not recommended in some areas. These and other factors make painting stucco siding more expensive. Generally, painting stucco siding ranges from $900 per 500 square feet to $3,000 per 1,500 square feet.

Concrete walls require a lot of preparation too before painting. However, there are cases where previous finishes require removal to prevent chipping or peeling off of the paint. In addition, special paints, primers and sealants may be required to enhance the endurance of the concrete when faced by specific elements. Usually, the cost of painting concrete walls ranges from $500 per 250 square feet to $2,000 per 1,000 square feet depending on sun exposure and condition of the wall.


Exterior features

If you want to paint exterior features around your house, some professionals will charge you for their painting while others might include them in your painting package. Such features include fascia, shutters, gutters and window sashes. Therefore, check the painting contract to determine if they are included in the painting package or they will be charged separately. It is important to note that some exterior features are in areas of a house that are difficult to access. Most professional painters will, therefore, consider this factor when giving a quote for your painting project.


Preparation work

As hinted in this article, the amount of the involved preparation work influences the cost of painting a house. Note that if the painting work goes wrong, redoing it will cost more than the initial job. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the surface of the house to be painted is prepared properly. You can hire professionals to prepare your house for painting or prepare the house for painting yourself. For instance, you can hire experts to power-wash the house, scrap old paint or replace rotten or damaged wood. This will lower the cost of painting your house significantly and prevent peeling of the new paint in a few months.


Average cost

Most professional painters have free calculators on their websites that you can use to estimate the cost of painting your house. This estimate includes the basic cleaning of the surface, spot priming as well as two paint coats. Planning time, material and equipment acquisition costs are also included. In most cases, the average cost of painting a house ranges from $3.16 to $6.83 per square foot. However, this cost varies from one location to another, size and condition of the house to be painted.

Nevertheless, most online calculators require you to set the Zip Code of the location of the house to be painted and the project size in square feet. The estimates are for the basic work that is performed in the serviceable conditions and they can vary depending on the tasks involved in a house painting project. Therefore, to know how much it will cost to paint a house, contact professional painters with details of your house painting project.


Get an estimate

Ideally, the best way to determine the cost of painting your house is getting an estimate. This is because the above factors will influence the total cost of painting your house and only a professional painter can analyze your painting project properly. A professional painter will look at the peeling paint, rotten wood, water damage and cracking around your house before giving you an estimate. This means that you do not have to plan your painting project based on guess work. Some contractors offer free estimates or evaluations of house conditions before offering their services. With such estimates, you can easily know how much it will cost to paint a house and plan for your painting project more accurately.